Why do we exist?

As a church we our mission is

To be one body that grows in Christlikeness, that worships in Spirit and truth in every context, and that serves in love in order to lead all who will believe into a right relationship with God. 

Because of this mission, our vision is that we are a church who is 

Growing, Worshiping, and Serving for the Kingdom of God.

What do we believe?

In a general sense, we affirm the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message. More specifically, our beliefs and practices are outlined in our Constitution and Bylaws

Who are our Leaders?
Robert Blackmon, Lead Pastor
Robert has served as a pastor at Bluegrove Baptist Church since July 2018.
More info on Robert and his family will be available soon.
Kim Childs, Deacon Chairman

Kim Childs has served as a Deacon at Bluegrove Baptist Church since 1976; in December 2013, he was chosen to served as the Chairman. 


Check in later for more information about Kim. 

Jack Miller, Deacon

Jack “Jackie” Miller was ordained and has served at Bluegrove Baptist Church since 1986. 


Jackie was born in Nocona, TX but moved to Bluegrove shortly thereafter to be raised by his grandparents, Harry and Estelle Miller (who he called Dad and Mom). As a typical country boy, Jackie learned to love the outdoors as well as most sports (he played basketball and baseball at Midway). Today he is a die-hard Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys fan.


After graduating from Midway, he began working for the JAC Electric co-op and has worked there since 1973. On April 11, 1974, he married his high school sweetheart, Vicki Reeves. Today Mrs. Vicki works as a Senior Branch Office Administrator for Edward Jones. Jackie and Vicki have five children (two married into the family)–Chrystal, Aaron and Lori, and Eddie and Kayla. Additionally, they have three awesome grandsons–Jonathan, Justin, and Jaime–and one beautiful granddaughter–Jade.


Jackie firmly believes that all people should have the opportunity to come to know the saving grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ–to live a life knowing that we are loved in spite of our faults by the one who created us.


Mike McClendon, Deacon

Mike McClendon has served at Bluegrove Baptist Church since 1993.


Check in later for more information about Mike.

Paul Childs, Deacon

Paul Childs was ordained and has served at Bluegrove Baptist Church since 2014.

Paul was born as a Bluegrovian to Cledith and Kelvin Childs in 1950. Aside from Basic Training in 1971, Paul has lived his entire life in Bluegrove (he served in the National Guard of Texas from 1970–76).


After graduating from Midway in 1969, he attended Cook County Junior College. In 1971, he began working for the JAC Electric co-op and has worked there since. But everything changed in his life in 1975 when he met the love of his life, Patty Struck; somehow, he convinced her to marry him and the two were married November 1, 1975. Paul and Patty have six children (three married into the family)—Casey and Janie, Jeremy and Nicole, and Matthew and Kimberly. Additionally, they have seven wonderful grandchildren—Gabby, Alex, Braden, Kayden, David, Brooklyn, and Chris.


Having been a native of the area, the Lord has used Bluegrove Baptist church in the life of Paul. In the summer of 1961, he received Jesus as his Lord and Savior during a revival at here. Since that time, Paul has been involved in various ways. 

Bo Watson, Deacon

Bo Watson was ordained as a deacon at FBC Wichita Falls and was installed at Bluegrove Baptist Church in 2014.


Bo Watson grew up in Haskell County.


Upon graduating from Haskell High in 1989, he attended Angelo State University where he graduated with a finance degree in 1993. But Bo got more than a degree while in college; in 1991, he married Trina Fry. After college, Bo worked as an Edward Jones investement representative and Trina taught high school math. But after a period Bo felt impressed to completely change careers. Having a young family, Bo and Trina took a step of faith as Bo left his secure job at Edward Jones to study radiology technology at Midwestern State University and to work as a CT Technician at United Region. Since that time, Bo has finished his degree but continues to work for United Regional in the radiology department; as for Trina, she evetually resigned her career as a public school teacher to pursue the calling to homeschool their three children–Taylor, Matthew, and Hallie. 


In 1999, Bo and Trina became members of the First Baptist Church of Wichita Falls where Bo was eventually ordained as a deacon. In 2010, the family decided to move to the country and purchased a home in Clay County thus becoming Bluegrovians. Shortly after moving to the area, Bo and his family began attending Bluegrove Baptist Church where they are now active members.