Where is your church located?

We are located at 1980 FM 172. From Henrietta, we are about 9 miles south of Henrietta off of 148. While we are in the Bluegrove community, the physical address is Henrietta, TX  76365.

What's your schedule?

Below is a schedule of our typical weekly activites and a link to our calendar.

Sunday School: 10:00 am
Worship: 11:00 am
Choir Practice: 4:45 pm
Mission Friends: 5:30 pm
Girls in Action: 5:30 pm
Royal Ambassadors: 5:30 pm
Worship: 5:30 pm
Prayer Service: 7:00 pm
What children activites do you offer?

In addition to various events throughout the year, beginning September 25, we offer Mission Friends for children 3 years old to kindergarten, Girls in Action for girls in 1st to 6th grade, and Royal Ambassadors for boys 1st to 6th grade; these activites will be on Sunday nights at 5:30 and follow the school calendar. 


Additionally, Sunday School is available for children of all ages and a nursery is provided for children 3 years old and younger for all Sunday activites. 

What does a normal service look like?


Most Sunday morning services will begin around 11:00 am with a song. This time is followed by a period of announcments, congregational singing, and prayer. Around 11:30ish, the preaching generally starts.  


Most sermons at Bluegrove can be characterized as expositional. This means that the goal of the sermon is to explain what the text has to say and see how the text applies to our lives. Most sermons last around 30-35 minutes.


Most Sunday evening services will begin around 5:30 pm. This service is typically more laid back. It generally consists of singing of 3-4 songs followed by a 25-30 minute sermon.

What should I wear?


Clothes...seriously, as long as it is not distracting, it does not matter.

While the pastor and a few other men may wear suits on Sunday mornings, the majority of men will be wearing jeans and boots. The same thing applies to the ladies; some will wear a dress, some a pant suit, and some jeans and a blouse.

On Sunday night, the pastor and most men generally wear jeans and a button down shirt. Most ladies will wear jeans and a blouse.  

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